How Rice Cakes Saved Me from Depression

Finding your value in a time of transition I was a 30-something American with a left-behind career, two kids under the age of 5, trailing my spouse in Tokyo, Japan. My husband’s job afforded our first ex-pat experience in a country so vastly different from my own that repeated warnings of culture shock prepared meContinue reading “How Rice Cakes Saved Me from Depression”

Feed Your Travel Bug Without Leaving Home

My passport is beaconing me and I must go. But, wait … it’s Spring of 2020. I’m not going anywhere. If you’re like the rest of the human race, you’ve already painfully cancelled multiple trips while slowly losing hope regarding your summer plans. These desperate times have required us wanderlusters to find new ways toContinue reading “Feed Your Travel Bug Without Leaving Home”

A Letter from Mother Earth

Oh my sweet babies, how I didn’t want things to get to this point. I tried to be so strong and bare all the abuse to prevent this level of destruction. But I’m hurting, baby. I tried reasoning with you, sending you messages of my illness, showing you my wounds you inflicted, healing only toContinue reading “A Letter from Mother Earth”

A Historical Comparative Analysis: Could Melania be our Eleanor?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been compared to World War II on a variety of levels. There are important lessons we’ve learned and are implementing from history. Perhaps one has been overlooked, specifically regarding the workforce. It’s common knowledge that women filled in a labor gap during the war. They had to adjust to working fullContinue reading “A Historical Comparative Analysis: Could Melania be our Eleanor?”

A Love Letter to Shanghai

As a former expat of multiple countries, I routinely get asked which city I liked best. With expert political correctness, I scoff and answer, “That’s like choosing a favorite child!”. But, Shanghai, let me tell you a little secret. That’s a lie! It’s been you and it’s always been you. I know the other citiesContinue reading “A Love Letter to Shanghai”

One Big Breath

Reposting from April 2014 as many kids may need some coping mechanisms now during the pandemic. Do me a favor … Take a moment and inhale one deep, full-bellied breath slowly. And then exhale completely letting all the air out entirely.  Feels good, right? It’s wonderfully simple and only took approximately 10 seconds to oxygenateContinue reading “One Big Breath”

The Kids are Just Fine: Why Third Culture Kids Will Manage the COVID-19 Crisis Better

Third Culture Kids (TCK) are children who are raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of their country of origin for a significant part of their childhood. I am a mother of two TCKs who were raised in 4 different countries before high school. I’ve witnessed the positive traits learned byContinue reading “The Kids are Just Fine: Why Third Culture Kids Will Manage the COVID-19 Crisis Better”