“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you.”

~ Anthony Bourdain

How Not To Be The Jerk Back Home

Originally published on September 2021 There are obvious, predictable downsides to living overseas.  You can brace for homesickness on a level that feel like a chronic stomachache. You’ll romanticize all the missing comforts of home — in my case, the smell of Downey fabric softener. You’ll count the days until your holiday visits or permanent repatriation. But,Continue reading “How Not To Be The Jerk Back Home”

When a family member “fails” an overseas assignment

Redefining a “successful” expat experience There is article after article with advice on how to prepare for an overseas assignment. Headlines tout “The top 5 reasons why an assignment fails”. But, what do you do amidst a said “failure.” What if you’ve prepped and a loved one still doesn’t hit the satisfactory mark on the expat thrivingContinue reading “When a family member “fails” an overseas assignment”

An Anti-Foodie’s Realization Regarding Cooking Classes

I’m not a cook. In fact, I have a palette of an 8-year old. Due to my unsophisticated taste buds, I avoid the overwhelming culinary world. However, when traveling, I try in desperate hope of finding a cuisine that fits my ineptitude via a class. I’ve taken countless cooking classes. While specific skills and techniquesContinue reading “An Anti-Foodie’s Realization Regarding Cooking Classes”

Uniting The United States Through Culture Shock

Revised earlier entry for It goes without saying that culture shock is part of the territory when relocating abroad — perhaps even bookended by a reverse culture shock when repatriating years later! But another common challenge, far less discussed, is the culture shock you’ll experience within your own expat community.  You would think that beingContinue reading “Uniting The United States Through Culture Shock”

A Historical Comparative Analysis: Could Melania be our Eleanor?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been compared to World War II on a variety of levels. There are important lessons we’ve learned and are implementing from history. Perhaps one has been overlooked, specifically regarding the workforce. It’s common knowledge that women filled in a labor gap during the war. They had to adjust to working fullContinue reading “A Historical Comparative Analysis: Could Melania be our Eleanor?”


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