A Letter from Mother Earth

Oh my sweet babies, how I didn’t want things to get to this point. I tried to be so strong and bare all the abuse to prevent this level of destruction. But I’m hurting, baby. I tried reasoning with you, sending you messages of my illness, showing you my wounds you inflicted, healing only to be damaged again by your selfish ways. I was getting too weak and tired. You see, we are interconnected you and I; we depend on each other. When one of us is down, we all go down together.

I told you so many times to stop with the fumes, gasses and smoke. Sweet child, it’s an ugly habit! But you kept the fires stoked so the chimneys spewed the acidic gases. You continued to rely on cars and dirty energy that puffed toxins. You kept the factories churning all hours to produce and produce and produce. And you tore up the swaths of green forest that were specifically designed to counterbalanced your excess. 

I do see you, sugars. I see those special few who tried to legislate and who picketed, boycotted, and marched. But even the leaders in Davos or the super powers of G8 couldn’t fast-track action. Meanwhile, I was getting sicker with every excuse and loophole. The littlest of you recognized may fate. My sweet brave babies went on strike from school to send the message. But you turned your backs. I started to lose hope … if you wouldn’t listen to the biggest and most powerful, and if you wouldn’t listen to the littlest and most vulnerable, then I’m gonna have to make you listen. And this time around, you’ll listen real good and real hard because I have had it!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I tried reverse psychology and gave back the plastic on the beaches that you so love. I saw a few of you lovies cleaning up the mess but your efforts were no match for what I kept bringing back to you. My waterways and marine life are filled. I even sent whales full of garbage in their bellies to the beaches convinced that would open your eyes to the size of the problem. But nothing was changing your ways.

Oh, child, it hurts me so much to have to cause such pain and agony. But you don’t seem too bright, ignoring all my messages. 

The seas keep rising. 

The temperatures keep climbing. 

Hurricanes grow stronger.

Ice keeps melting. 

My invisible shield keeps eroding.  

I was in so much distress. I needed your help; I knew my sweet human babies were the cause of my afflictions and ironically the cure. I was desperate. I never wanted to ruin life, I’m Mother Nature after all, darling. I’m a creator, a lover of all things beautiful and living. But this was the only thing I had left in my arsenal, counterintuitive to my true self. 

I know it has been torture but can we just for one moment look? Look out at the Himalayans from Delhi. You can see the majestic peaks again through fresh, clean air. Don’t it smell good, kiddos? And have you seen the coyotes exploring Los Angeles and the jellyfish calmly discovering Venice again? The wild is back and thriving! Do you hear the whales calling in Alaska now that the ship noises are gone? It’s music to my ears. 

But everything is temporary: my illness, your illness, even your much deserved Time Out will end. This pause will be long enough for you to realize that your Mother is drawing serious boundaries. You’ve been spoiled without limitations. Did you really think you owned this house? Mmm-hmm, you don’t. This is my house and you will play by my rules, understand?  

I’m critical for your survival. Don’t forget that. I give you weather that affects everything from farms to ski seasons. I give you bees that pollinate your crops for food to flowers. I give you oxygen and even trees to clean the air. And you’ve squandered it all, making me very upset. And when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 

Now, you’ve almost learned your lesson, sweetpeas, but there are a few more things yet to discuss. 

  1. I just might reduce meat availability because you eat way too much of it. Plus, you’re being quite irrational with the production lately. You don’t need so much so we’re gonna back off the meat just a bit, alright? Eat your veggies. It’s okay … you’ll be fine, sweetheart. 
  2. And, let’s talk about the medical and hazardous waste. We need to figure this out before all is said and done. 
  3. Lastly, you are absolutely not going back to your old habits. We can work together to make a more balanced plan once you’re out of your Time Out, agreed? 

Above all else, know this: I love you dearly, little ones. I believe in you and trust you’ve nearly learned your lesson. I wouldn’t be so harsh on you if I didn’t care. Now, come give your mama a big hug! It’s been awhile and I’ve missed those arms of yours! 

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Lover of travel and nature. Get ready for some passport worthy stories with a green heart.

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