How Not To Be The Jerk Back Home

Originally published on September 2021 There are obvious, predictable downsides to living overseas.  You can brace for homesickness on a level that feel like a chronic stomachache. You’ll romanticize all the missing comforts of home — in my case, the smell of Downey fabric softener. You’ll count the days until your holiday visits or permanent repatriation. But,Continue reading “How Not To Be The Jerk Back Home”

When a family member “fails” an overseas assignment

Redefining a “successful” expat experience There is article after article with advice on how to prepare for an overseas assignment. Headlines tout “The top 5 reasons why an assignment fails”. But, what do you do amidst a said “failure.” What if you’ve prepped and a loved one still doesn’t hit the satisfactory mark on the expat thrivingContinue reading “When a family member “fails” an overseas assignment”

How Rice Cakes Saved Me from Depression

Finding your value in a time of transition I was a 30-something American with a left-behind career, two kids under the age of 5, trailing my spouse in Tokyo, Japan. My husband’s job afforded our first ex-pat experience in a country so vastly different from my own that repeated warnings of culture shock prepared meContinue reading “How Rice Cakes Saved Me from Depression”

The Kids are Just Fine: Why Third Culture Kids Will Manage the COVID-19 Crisis Better

Third Culture Kids (TCK) are children who are raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of their country of origin for a significant part of their childhood. I am a mother of two TCKs who were raised in 4 different countries before high school. I’ve witnessed the positive traits learned byContinue reading “The Kids are Just Fine: Why Third Culture Kids Will Manage the COVID-19 Crisis Better”